Australia Feb 2020


?It?s better to regret what you?ve done, than what you didn?t do?. Such is the life mantra of Ireland?s revered singer-songwriter who has been making waves across Ireland and the UK with his eclectic blend of country and folk.
Hailing from Castleblayney, he exploded onto the Irish & UK?s music scene in 2014 with his single ?Hit The Diff?, which went on to amass over 9 million views on YouTube to date.
Marty?s illustrious career thus far has seen the artist play a slew of large-scale shows, and has performed at venues Croke Park, SSE Area Belfast, The Late Late Show, The Ploughing Championships, Balmoral Show, Truckfest UK, Highland Show Scotland, and more.
So what?s next for Marty Mone? With over 21 million YouTube hits amassed to date, this only marks the beginning of his musical journey. He is currently working on a new album and putting the pieces together for an upcoming tour that will see him perform in Ireland, UK, New Zealand and Australia.

Sat 29 Feb 2020
Paddo RSL Sydney