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Hayseed Dixie formed in 2000 when John Wheeler & Mike Daly drank roughly enough whiskey to float a battleship and decided to play around in John?s studio.

Having spent the previous few years touring with assorted country hat-acts, John had assembled a proper pile of recording equipment, thus when he and Mike discovered in their drunken epiphany that the Lost Highway of Reverend Hank Williams and the Highway to Hell of Bishop Bon Scott were indeed the same identical stretch of tarmac, they were well and truly prepared to document this revelation in situ.

Now "Exhibit A" in the demonstration of how one's beginnings rarely know one's ends, Hayseed Dixie have evolved into a force.  Fourteen albums consisting of both original material and reinterpretations of previously rendered songs and global physical sales in excess of half a million copies, with over 1,200 live shows in 31 different countries testify: Hayseed Dixie are the undisputed creators of the musical genre, Rockgrass.


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